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Please check with the operating carrier for maximum acceptance rules as they may vary. For a list of airlines please click here.

Free Luggage Allowance

The free luggage allowance is the maximum number, size and weight of bags that each customer is allowed with no additional charge. Airlines have based this allowance on many variables that influence the maximum capacity of luggage on an aircraft. These variables include size of aircraft cargo compartments, dimensions of the doors, fuel requirements, typical number of passengers on board, and government regulations. Luggage will be weighed and measured to ensure that it meets the dimensional requirements under the free luggage allowance.

Luggage Measurement

  • Luggage is measured by adding length, width and height to determine the total number of linear inches/centimeters.
  • Airlines may accept luggage up to a maximum of 50 pounds (23 kg) and a total linear dimension of 62 inches (158 cm) at no charge.
  • Some airlines may not accept luggage over 50 pounds or larger than 62 linear inches.

Note: If you are flying on a codeshare partners, please check with the operating carrier for maximum acceptance rules as they may vary.

Personal Items

The standard allowance typically provides for a bag of up to a certain size plus one 'personal item'.

What is a personal item?  Some airlines give examples, and suggest that a personal item may be :

  1. Briefcase
  2. Camera
  3. Handbag/Purse
  4. Laptop (in carry bag)
  5. Other items not exceeding 36" in total dimension
  6. Reading Matter
  7. Small book-bag style backpack
  8. Umbrella

For more information please contact the operating carrier.

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